The world without balls will not survive

Oh, you mean soccer!

Well, perhaps, perhaps not. I know that millions of people love soccer. They play it. They watch it. They use millions and millions of just any currency to keep it alive in the world.

But there is something much more important than just The Soccer. There is this little thing in the human body, in the male body, to be accurate: the Balls!

Oh ou! Now you start talking some ugly language…something we usually don’t speak about, not in public any way.

What? Some ugly language! Do you mean that the most important thing in the whole universe is the thing you cannot talk about in public! What nonsense, I say!

Well…we kind of…hide THAT THING…no talk, no show!

Of course we don’t show it…them in public, but we can talk, can’t we! What I mean is that the most important thing for humankind to survive is something we hide and are ashamed of and do not talk about. Isn’t that weird?

Well…perhaps…perhaps not…

Let us leave this sensitive conversation here. But let us, however, remember that the world without Balls will die. Thank God for them and LOVE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN!






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