Do you really like yourself?

Dreaming with God

I hope you do, because God Himself likes you. And He knows all about you, your dark sides, attitude problems, inner feelings, not so pure imagination etc. And still, He can`t but like you and love you.

And why is this so important to know?

It is because of the relationships: between you and God, you and others, and finally you and you, your best buddy!

Selfesteem is sometimes so complicated to figure out: is it low or high, good or bad, strong to or weak? So let us forget the whole psycho jargon for a while and let us speak about this relationship thing. Relationship means to be related with somebody, or even to be a relative with somebody. The closer we are with our friends, the free`er we are with them; we can be honest, relaxed, casual, non- pretending…just being what we are.

Our closest relative is ourself…

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