God`s beggars

They pray a lot. They know their Bibles. They go to the church regurlarly. The vicar is their friend. They give huge offerings for the mission work. They are people of high moral values. In a word: idols!


Their God lives far a away, somewhere in a place called Heaven. He is frightening, never satisfied with the people. He keeps distance with the sinners, or at least not interested in ordinary people and their lives.

When they pray, they beg: God, please, if possible, when I do wrong, look the other way or close your eyes, or somehow remember that we are all sinners.

When they read the Bible, they find there all the regulations and rules, don`ts ja do`s; they don`t see the promises, or if they see, they think they are conditional.

When in church, they find it a boring duty. And they can afford giving big offerings. And the vicar! He just happens to be a nice guy and it is always safe to know somebody, who might be a close friend to God, just in case.

What is lacking?

The relationship. The intimate love between the Creator and the crown of His Creation, people. Jesus came to the world to show us the real God and bring the Heaven down. In Him we find the God of love, the Bible of unconditional promises, the church empowered by the Holy Spirit and the life full of wonders.

No more begging, but enjoying the great fellowship with God, our Father, who loves His children!


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