Do you really like yourself?

I hope you do, because God Himself likes you. And He knows all about you, your dark sides, attitude problems, inner feelings, not so pure imagination etc. And still, He can`t but like you and love you. He wants you to be His friend.

And why is this so important to know?

It is because of the relationships: between you and God, you and others, and finally you and you, your best buddy!

Selfesteem is sometimes so complicated to figure out: is it low or high, good or bad, strong to or weak? So let us forget the whole psycho jargon for a while and let us speak about this relationship thing. Relationship means to be related with somebody, or even to be a relative with somebody. The closer we are with our friends, the free`er we are with them; we can be honest, relaxed, casual, non- pretending…just being what we are.

Our closest relative is ourself. If you hate this guy, how can you live with him/ her 24/7? Of course there are things we don`t like in our lives and we want to get better. But the first step is not hate, but love. When we realize that God, our Creator really likes us, we learn to like ourselves and this gives us motivation plus strength to grow into His likeness. Hate is always a negative force and it won`t help us to become, what we were meant to be.

Love is a positive force. With it you can laugh at yourself, you can enjoy being with yourself and it will never make you arrogantly proud. The love of God is the strongest force in the universe: when you trust Him, you find the full salvation.

As you notice, I am not a native English writer, but so what. I just wanted to tell you in a simple way, that stop hating yourself. As a follower of Jesus Christ I would encourage you to find out, who this Jesus is and why He wants to show you His love, be your relative, have you in a close relationship with Him.

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