I may have a nice talk with people, whom I don`t know. It`s wonderful to share a delicious dinner with the colleagues. Spending a weekend in a mountain cabin with the friends would be fun. As social beings we love company and fellowship.

But with whom would you be ready to go out of your comfort zone, to places you perhaps don`t like, to meet people who perhaps don`t like you, to face unexpected and even dangerous situations?

The more you trust and love somebody, the more willing you are to follow him/ her.

Once Jesus said to Peter and John and some other guys, follow me, and they followed. Where ever Jesus went, they went, too. Well, they had seen the miracles Jesus did. They had heard Him talking about the Kingdom of God. And they believed He was the Messiah. He became their Rabbi, the Teacher, the Coach, if you like. Sounds very simple.

But they were ordinary people, they had their feelings, jobs, families, friends. Maybe it wasn`t that simple after all. Think about yourself: would you be ready? Going to church, when we like, does not yet mean we are followers of Jesus.

Maybe there was one important thing that assured the first desciples to join the Lord: He was full of God, His Father`s presence, there was a passionate love in His eyes and words and deeds. The more they got to know Him, the more this passionate love grew in their hearts.

They learned to love Jesus, their Rabbi so much that they were even ready to follow Him into wastelands and deserts. They hurried after Him in a cloud of dust and sand. All this just because there was this passion, this deep love that made them one body.

Thinking about this picture I start understanding the old Jewish wisdom: ” May you be covered by the dust of your Rabbi”.

May the coming new year take us deeper into this kind of closeness with the Lord and His followers, to the fellowship of passionate love. This love will attract people to come to the Lord and receive the passion which will change the world.


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