C like Christmas?

No! C like cakes, candies, chocolate and calories.

At Christmas you have to eat well. From the Christmas Eve and Day, the Second C.Day ( or the Boxing Day, or the Day of St. Stephanos) all the way to the New Year people, at least in Finland eat almost all the time.

I just don`t want to go to the details. Maybe you can imagine, what it means to have many heavy meals and constant coffee breaks every day in a week. At least the shopkeepers are happy, the parents are exhausted and the children suffer from sugar overdoses.

Who invented this kind of X´mas headache? I wrote X`mas instead of Christmas, because this season sickness has nothing to do with the original Christmas in Bethlehem two thousand years ago.

Is Christmas season a reason to eat and drink too much and hurry here and there? Is there any way to turn back to the silent and holy night, where we can relax in the presence of the Holy Baby, feel the excitement of the Shepherds, when they hear the angels sing glory to God?

It is up to us to decide: c for calories, or C for Christ.

I am not against the good meals and I don`t want to spoil your Christmas traditions. All I want to say is that Jesus Christ is always more than heavy meals or traditions. He is the source of the real peace and joy. He is not a religion with empty relics. He is the Person, the Saviour, with whom we may have a deep and loving and eternal relationship.

I pray that this Christmas will take us all to see the beauty of God in the face of the Baby in Bethlehem. Near Him we can be empowered to meet the challenges of the next year.


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