Joseph, the dreamer

Joseph, a man and a dreamer, quite a combination, especially today. There was one Joseph in the Old Testament and one in the New, both saw dreams, both followed their dreams.

To see dreams is quite normal, even for men. To follow the dreams sounds a bit weird, especially with the men. Ladies, please don`t be offended, we men are different in some areas ( I may be wrong, though). If you say that he is a dreamer, it sounds some what not so manly. But she being a dreamer is ok. Why? You tell me!

My point is to say that those two Josephs, dreamers were men with great courage and strength. They were men, who saved their families and finally were used by God to save nations. The first Joseph became the leader in Egypt to save both the Egyptians and the Israelis from starvation. The second Joseph were courageous enough to marry virgin Mary, who was pregnant, to take her down to Bethlehem,then the whole family further down to Egypt and back to Galilee again. All this following the dreams sent by God.

Think about this for a moment:
– an Israeli boy becoming a great leader in a mighty Egypt to save his nation
– a young Jewish man marrying a pregnant village girl, believing the message of an Angel about Her divine pregnancy, taking her and then also the boy on all those dangerous roads here and there through mountains and take care of the Saviour of the World

– would we do the same?
– wouldn`t it need some courage…and a lot of faith in God, who speaks us in many ways, even through dreams!

Be a praying dreamer to dream with God. Enjoy His presence and let His love fill your heart with hope, peace and joy. Some day He will send you to tell messages about Christmas and Easter: Jesus was born, Jesus carried our sins and sicknesses on the cross, Jesus rose from the death and He is coming back.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2013 with great dreams about God`s good plans for you!


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